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Need a better way to manage your contractors and their employees?

The first ever contractor management system that is easy to use and is powerfully effective in significantly reducing customer complaints, management headaches and costly lawsuits.

Layered Contractor Management...

The first ever Contractor Management system that is easy to use and powerfully effective in significantly reducing customer complaints, management headaches and lawsuits.

CrimShield’s Contractor Management system makes it easy to go online and manage and monitor an unlimited number of contractors and their employees that service your customers on your behalf see more...

Real World Protection for Your Company and Your Customers

1 in 6 applicants for contractors that want access to your customers have a significant criminal history that is flagged by our deeper screening system, even after that applicant was approved through a background check. That is a staggering number, but that is the risk that exists in the real world for companies that use contractors to service their customers.

Most contracting companies rely on instant background checks that compare names and either dates of birth or social security numbers against incomplete data bases. That is why the 1 out of 6 that have disqualifying criminal records get through other systems. We use licensed private investigators to help ensure you don’t have dangerous criminals hiding in your contractors’ employee pools.

Visible Safety Reminders...

With a Contractor Management issued Security Clearance Card ® you can show customers that you have properly protected them from anyone you allow access into their home or office. Displaying your Crime Free Certified seal on websites, uniforms, ID cards and vehicles gives you and your customers greater peace of mind.

It is time to get rid of management headaches caused by contractors and their employees. Now you have a third party on your side to watch your contractors and help ensure they comply with your contract.

Get Rid of Contractor Management Headaches and Liability Worries Today!

Why use out-of-date paper records to manage your team of contracted workers when you could take advantage of our digital platform? And why risk having a contractor commit a crime while wearing your uniform? Use CrimShield’s Contractor Management system to protect your customers, and your business! Call us today at 888-422-2547 to get started.

Keeping Criminals Out of Your Company:
How to go Beyond Instant Background Checks to Find Better Employees, Lower Costs, and Reduce Your Liability

“Good help is hard to find.” That’s a sentiment that’s been uttered, and echoed, by business owners and executives for decades. Your people are your business, but finding the right ones can be a huge challenge.

CrimShield has a solution for everyone...

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