DMV Histories for Contractors and Subcontractors

There are numerous reasons why you might want to include a DMV records check in the employment screening process you use for employees and contractors. Perhaps you need new hires to operate company-owned vehicles when they travel to see customers. Or, you might have contractors who are using bigger trucks and specialized equipment to carry out your operations.

No matter what they’ll be driving, or where, the fact that contractors and employees will be working for you – and potentially operating vehicles that bear your name and logo – means you’re liable for their actions and mistakes. So, you want a DMV records check to be part of your hiring process

As a leader in employment screening for both regular staff and contract employees, CrimShield offers optional DMV history reviews for your applicants and employees. We use our nationwide team of licensed investigators to search state DMV records to ensure the individual has a valid license and find out about any restrictions on their driving privileges.

Our DMV record checks include a number of features, including:

  • Verification that your applicant or employee has a current and valid driver’s license, along with any restrictions that might be present
  • The ability to schedule client-initiated annual DMV records renewals online
  • State DMV records checks that work together with our powerful online employment screening and employee/contractor management tools
Thorough DMV screening can lower your insurance rates, prevent accidents and keep you away from costly lawsuits. Why worry about who your subcontractors might be sending out to do your company’s work, or who they are putting behind the wheel? Make a call to CrimShield now at 888-422-2547 to enroll in our Contractor Management system and reduce your liability once and for all!