Employment Screening for Contractors

Many of the biggest and best-known American companies are far too reliant on contractors and subcontractors that use inadequate or nonexistent employment screening practices. In the process, they allow convicted thieves, felons, and dangerous individuals to use their companies as a shield behind which they can hide or even commit future crimes.

Our research has shown us again and again through the years how incredibly easy it is for those with criminal pasts to slip through the cracks of traditional instant background checks and other ineffective screening systems. By changing a few simple digits on a birth date or Social Security number, or altering the spelling of their names, even recently-released convicts can show up as being “clean” if you don’t know where to look and what to look for.

By using a nationwide network of real-life licensed investigators who research court records and government watch lists by hand, CrimShield makes it much more difficult for dangerous people to escape their past deeds and start working for you. And with our Contractor Management platform, we help you verify that every one of your subcontractors is Crime-Free Certified, as well.

Our intensive contractor screening system includes a number of features you won’t find anywhere else, including:

  • Automatic searches that include thousands of federal, state, and municipal records that aren’t available online.
  • Follow-up interviews with applicants and references by our licensed investigators when necessary.
  • Intensive investigator training and research that lets us spot gaps, red flags, and inconsistencies in an applicant’s history.
If you’re tired of worrying about the damage a contractor could do to your reputation and bottom line, it’s time to start doing employment screening right. Call the CrimShield team today at 888-422-2547 to see what we can do to protect your business!