Frequently Asked Questions...

What’s so special about Contractor Management?
With our online platform, you can manage profiles for individual employees and contractors in real-time from anywhere you have a web connection. That means you can see their current status, order IDs, revoke credentials, and verify that they’ve been properly screened and verified… all using one convenient system.

What makes CrimShield’s Contractor Management system different from other employment screening programs?
There are number of advantages that set CrimShield apart. The first is that our screening is unlike anything you can get from an instant background check. We use licensed investigators to manage the screening of every individual one-by-one, searching local court records in person while looking for gaps, inconsistencies, and other red flags in their backgrounds.

Additionally, our online platform makes it easy for you to manage dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of employees and subcontractors all through one convenient portal. So, even if you have many small businesses doing work on your behalf, you can ensure everyone on your team is Crime-Free Certified.

And finally, we make it easy for you to show customers you’re doing the right thing to keep them safe. In addition to branded Security Clearance Cards, we will provide you with signage and other marketing tools. That makes buyers feel better about working with you… and wonder why your competitors aren’t using better screening methods themselves.

How does CrimShield Crime-Free Certification differ from a normal background check?
The instant background checks most contracting companies rely on simply checking names and Social Security numbers against publicly-available databases. Unfortunately, more than half of all courts fail to provide data about charges and convictions, meaning the databases these companies rely on are usually incomplete and outdated. Criminals know they can beat these systems by making slight alterations to names, birth dates, and other details on job applications.

CrimShield investigators are live human beings who look through records by hand, conduct follow-up interviews, and know how to spot fraud, inconsistencies, and gaps in a person’s record. That makes our employment screening much more thorough and trustworthy than anything you can get elsewhere.

How long does it take for a new contractor to be screened?
In most instances, an individual who wants to work for one of your subcontractors can be screened, verified, and added to our online database within 3 to 5 days.

Can I screen contractors using drug testing and/or DMV records using CrimShield?
Absolutely. After a background screening has been ordered, we offer optional drug testing and driving records for an additional fee. Just let us know which applicants or positions apply, and we will take care of the rest.

Will you make sure my contractor stays crime-free after I’ve hired them?
While we can’t guarantee an employee or contractor will remain crime-free even after they’ve been screened, you can update an individual’s CrimShield Crime-Free Certification on an annual basis. So, if they’ve gotten a criminal conviction since they started working for your company, you’ll find out.

How does your Contractor Management system help me get new customers?
CrimShield provides every client with logos, signs, images, and Security Clearance Cards that can be used to show customers that your employees and contractors have been Crime-Free Certified. These help you stand apart from other businesses, particularly with customers who want to be sure their families and employees are safe when working with you.