Drug Testing for Contractors and Subcontractors

Imagine for a moment that an installer or technician who is hired by one of your subcontractors goes to work under the influence of an illegal drug. What kind of mistake might they make? Who could be hurt, physically or financially? And what if they commit a violent crime while they are in an altered state?

If you aren’t using effective employment screening and drug testing procedures, you might learn the answers to these questions in a very unfortunate way. In fact, you could be one preventable incident away from being on the front page of many publications for the wrong reasons… or even out of business altogether.

That’s exactly why, as part of our Contractor Management platform, CrimShield offers optional drug testing service through our partner laboratories. We know it’s crucial for you to ensure your contractors aren’t working under the influence, making errors or decisions that could come back to haunt you.

You can use our platform to test applicants and employees for dozens of illegal substances, as well as:

  • Drug testing for initial hires (for an additional fee) when required
  • Optional drug testing upon request following workplaces accidents and incidents
  • Random drug testing for employees to ensure they remain compliant
Proper drug testing enhances your employment screening and identity verification process, helps you remove unknown risk from hiring employees and contractors, and makes the operation of your company go more smoothly. Why not enroll in our Contractor Management program today by calling 888-422-2547 and seeing what kind of difference it makes when you have the right people working on your behalf?